The purpose of Whitetail Landscapes LLC is to greatly improve the deer habitat on your land and increase your deer hunting experience. Creating habitat that will result in deer bedding on your land and encourage daytime deer movement is a priority. Creating security cover, bedding areas for does and bucks, set up in a way that allows close stand shots and allows the safety that bucks need. If deer have everything they need and minimal human encounters, they will continue daytime patterns during hunting seasons. I have successfully accomplished this on my 40 acres property, and I can help you do the same.

My 20 years of whitetail habitat experience will help you achieve your goals. I have worked with a variety of Michigan habitat and can improve your situation – young or old growth woodlands, open grasslands, farmlands, or a mixture. I have extensive knowledge in tree/shrub seedlings, bedding and transition area enhancement or creation, food plot and prairie grass specifics and how to utilize them on your parcel to  improve your deer hunting experience.


What you can see is the right environment these bucks find safety in. How they can move around during the day feeling like they are hidden. Scott has found the right “recipe” that should produce year after year success.”

2013 Tour Attendee

If you are starting from scratch or not, take Scott's tour! The ideas instilled can be fitted to your own property!"

2013 Tour Attendee

Anytime you can visit a property and see exactly where a mature buck has been bedding day in and day out is a learning experience."

2013 Tour Attendee

I've been to Scott's property and I would highly recommend the tour, especially if you want to see some great mature buck bedding areas as well as stand setups that have produced mature bucks."

2013 Tour Attendee


Every piece of property has different needs…

…but they all need enough secure bedding areas, and transition areas between bedding and feeding areas. These areas must have enough cover to let them feel safe in their daytime travels. It must be set up, so hunters do not bump deer going in and out and from being winded while in the stand. Give them what they need, and don’t let them know their being hunted is key. The land must also be set up so deer movement flows around the property and works with surrounding landscape.

Creating and enhancing food plots; quality browse, nut and fruit bearing trees will ensure your land becomes the “gem” of the surrounding landscape. Providing security cover will attract and hold deer on your property. The more pressure the deer receive from the neighbors, the more they will take refuge on your property.